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Alghero 07041 Sardegna, Italia
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construction company
The Giorico's Family

Sofingi was established in the early 1970s, with an initial focus on residential construction, but the company's quantum leap came in the late '80s, when it acquired a number of the most important buildable zones in the Sardinian city of Alghero, located along the main commercial arteries running from north to south. With these first major projects, Sofingi began operating on a scale far above the traditional level of local businesses.

The company was responsible for erecting the complexes that now play host to large stores, supermarkets, malls, offices and banks, and subsequently Sofingi built other blocks with hundreds of apartments up above and large numbers of retail units on the ground floor, which – since they were sited in very busy areas – were soon snapped up by numerous businesses.

The company's expansion was consolidated over the years with further acquisitions of important developable areas within the city and on its immediate periphery, which had become very much an urban area – and one, therefore, of great interest for the housing market. Over recent years, the Giorico group has diversified into tourism with the acquisition of the Carlos V Hotel & Spa, a 5-star luxury complex with more than 600 beds, offering its guests every imaginable comfort. The Giorico family also became involved in broadcasting through the acquisition of frequencies and the setting up of a local station – Catalan TV – which reaches viewers throughout northern Sardinia.

That said, construction remains the driving force behind the group. One of the large-scale, prestigious projects on which the group has been engaged is the public/private partnership for the "Piazza dei Mercati"; this urban space in the heart of the oldest part of the city offers a wealth of facilities: from multi-storey car parks to two landscaped squares on two levels, with several businesses, banks and luxury boutiques basing themselves there, alongside town council and regional council offices and, of course, a range of apartments.